A Certain Scientific Railgun (GN 7)

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Title: A Certain Scientific Railgun
Volume: GN 7
Pages: 224
Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment

Release date: 2013-04-02
Suggested retail price: $12.99
Age rating: Teen

ISBN-10: 1937867218 1937867218
ISBN-13: 9781937867218 9781937867218


In the final battle against the Accelerator, the truth cuts like a knife, while romance blossoms between Misaka and Touma.

Meanwhile, Tokiwadai Middle School welcomes its newest student, the egotistical Kongou Mitsuko, who immediately sets off a power struggle among the student body as she seeks to form her own faction. While tensions run high at the school, what better time than to throw a sports festival? It may sound like all fun and games, but Academy City is about to see an explosive competition the likes of which it’s never known before!

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