Nadesico the Movie: The Prince of Darkness (OST)

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Title: Nadesico the Movie: The Prince of Darkness
Volume: OST
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2003-07-01
Suggested retail price: $14.98

UPC: 702727036927 702727036927

Composed by Takayuki Hattori, with vocals by Yumi Matsuzawa.

Track Listing:

  1. Dragon Attack
  2. Title Backing Theme
  3. Nadesico Theme I
  4. Boson Jump
  5. Suprise Inspection
  6. Chaos * Confusion
  7. Premonition ~ Dragon Attack II
  8. Aestivalis I
  9. Yocho
  10. Black Selena II
  11. Corpse of the Nadesico
  12. Martian Successor (with melody)
  13. Sleeping Beauty of the Cyber Forest
  14. The Hokushin Seven I
  15. Nadesico Crew I
  16. Hanamiko
  17. The Pages of Memory Turn
  18. Nadesico Crew II
  19. Nadesico Crew III
  20. Rose Bud
  21. Yurika's Dream
  22. Boson Jump III
  23. Moon Warriors Appear
  24. Dragon Attack
  25. Yurika's Dream (Boson Jump II)
  26. Nadesico Theme II
  27. Nadesico Surpreme
  28. Aestivalis II
  29. Black Selena III
  30. Super Aestivalis
  31. Dearest
  32. Hisago Plan
  33. Fight
  34. Select
  35. Start
  36. Martian Successor (without melody)
  37. Music Hall on Mars
  38. The How and Why of Nadesico
  39. Music Show

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