Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops (GN 2)

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Title: Sword Art Online: Girls' Ops
Volume: GN 2
Pages: 240
Distributor: Yen Press

Release date: 2016-01-26
Suggested retail price: $13
Age rating: 13 - 18 Years

ISBN-10: 0316268992 0316268992
ISBN-13: 9780316268998 9780316268998


The girls of SAO are back! Liz, Silica, and Leafa, with their new friend Lux--having ruined their clothes in their previous adventure--go to see Ashley, a survivor of Sword Art Online and a legendary master tailor. But the price for Ashley's skills is a high one, and in order to pay the tailor, the girls end up in a swimsuit contest! But naturally, this isn't just any swimsuit contest. Will Lux, Liz, Silica, and Leafa get away with their wardrobes and dignity intact?!

(added on 2015-08-04, modified on 2016-10-21)

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