New Treasure Island (eBook)

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Title: New Treasure Island
Volume: eBook
Distributor: Digital Manga Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781613138236 9781613138236

When Pete's late father leaves him a map of treasure island, the young boy roars down to the dock and hops on a ship headed for adventure. With his friends, the ship's captain and his trusty canine companion, by his side, Pete must face off against the scourge of the seven seas, the dread pirate boar! But when a sudden storm sends everyone into the sea, the race is on to see who will claim the riches of treasure island first... With only man-eating sharks, an island-full of hungry cannibals, and a small army of lions, tigers and elephants, all under the control of an enigmatic Tarzan-like figure named baron, standing in their way.

Original digital source material was provided by the original publisher Tezuka Productions. Even though eManga tries to achieve the highest quality for our customers as possible, some original source material are unobtainable or out of print. The source material from Tezuka Productions were provided as is. Resulting quality of eManga’s ebook files for this particular title were made to the best of our available resources with what we had to work with.
Extra samples pages available for extended preview.

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