B.B. Explosion (GN 5)

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Title: B.B. Explosion
Volume: GN 5
Pages: 192
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2005-04-15
Suggested retail price: $9.95
Age rating: G

ISBN-10: 1591163889 1591163889
ISBN-13: 9781591163886 9781591163886

A trip to New York is next on the singer's agenda. Does Airi have the charisma and star power to attract the attention of the music industry in Gotham City? As she flies over the Manhattan skyline, Airi realizes that her new life is about to begin. She's ready to take her career to the next level. And she's ready for a little romance, too. Watch out America... here comes Airi Ishikawa! You're going to fall in love with her!

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