Doki Doki School Hours - 1st Hour + Artbox (DVD 1)

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Title: Doki Doki School Hours - 1st Hour + Artbox
Volume: DVD 1
Running time: 100
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2005-11-08
Suggested retail price: $34.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 12570
UPC: 013023257092 013023257092

Mika is a 27-year-old high school teacher. She tries hard to be a good teacher, but all her students treat her like a kid. It's no wonder she's treated this way - she's short, cute and looks like a little girl! It doesn't help that she cries easily and gets lost all the time... Mika-Sensei, are you really a teacher? There are plenty of laughs, feel good moments and even a bit of "boys' love" with cute Mika-Sensei and her crazy eccentric students... this is not your average comedy!

*Bilingual Dolby Digital 2.0 (English and Japanese) *English Subtitles

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