Saint Tail - Girl of Justice! (DVD 5 of 8)

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Title: Saint Tail - Girl of Justice!
Volume: DVD 5 / 8
Running time: 175
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2002-05-14
Suggested retail price: $29.98
Age rating: NR

SKU: 1212
UPC: 645573012120 645573012120

Episode 16: Steal the Chinese Iron Chef!
"Tsujimoto Cherry Tree" is the most popular restaurant in town. Mrs. Sato wants to eat the chef's famous Chinese porridge just once before she leaves. Who could resist such a request? Certainly not Saint Tail!

Episode 17: The Heart Thief on St. Valentine's Day??
She likes him. He doesn't know. A notebook filled with love poems in the wrong hands. Looks like another case for Saint Tail!

Episode 18: Danger, Do Not Touch! Super Electric Trap
"The Steel Weathercock" has been stolen. When it comes to making things right again, Saint Tail is sure to be on task!

Episode 19: A Comet Approaches! The Earth's Final Night??
The splendid Graham's Comet approaches in the night sky, but the town choir is unable to get into the observatory to see it! Saint Tail to the rescue!

Episode 20: Get Back the Phantom Bird Egg!
Yutaka's father found the legendary egg of the Apua Bird. While his father was away, Professor Hyuga borrowed the egg, but it was a fake! What happened to the real egg?

Episode 21: Steal the Memorable Harmonica!
A fake harmonica ... with the clock ticking away, Miyuki must get back her special harmonica or she'll lose the competition!

Episode 22: The U.F.O. Appears!? A Town in Panic!
The crowd of Seika-shi were in panic when they saw a shining object in the sky! They decided to show the photo of it during an event at the Big Dome, but the photo's a fake!

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