Eureka 7 - Special Edition (w/Tshirt, CD, Manga) (DVD 1)

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Title: Eureka 7 - Special Edition (w/Tshirt, CD, Manga)
Volume: DVD 1
Running time: 125
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2006-04-25
Suggested retail price: $59.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 20820
UPC: 669198208201 669198208201

Eureka Seven tells the story of a young boy named Renton, whose life just plain sucks. That is, until a giant robot crashes into his house. Piloted by a girl named Eureka, this encounter will lead Renton to be pursued by the military and pulled into a web of drama, intrigue, and non-stop action. Renton's time to daydream is over.

This Special Edition includes: Limited Edition Collector's Box, T-Shirt, Eureka Seven Vol. 1 Manga, and Eureka Seven Original CD Soundtrack!

DVD Features: Interviews with Cast Members, Audio Commentary.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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