Dragon Drive (GN 5 of 14)

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Title: Dragon Drive
Volume: GN 5 / 14
Pages: 200
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2007-12-04
Suggested retail price: $7.99
Age rating: ALL

ISBN-10: 1421511916 1421511916
ISBN-13: 9781421511917 9781421511917

Reiji goes solo to find a legendary dragon named Shinnseiba but runs into trouble when he's mistaken for a bandit and put in jail. A friendly soldier named Koryu discovers that the squad captain has been using a huge dragon to terrorize a village and extort treasure. Realizing his loyalties are misplaced, Koryu decides to rescue Reiji. Together they must take on the captain and his dragon to save the village!

Story and art by Ken-ichi Sakura.

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