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by Isaac Alexander,
Anime News Network(ANN) has completed an interview with Newtype USA's Interim Editor In Chief Kimberly Guerre. Kimberly is responsible for the overall operation of the new English written anime magazine.

Below is an interview conduced by ANN with

ANN: What is the typical day for you and your staff for assembling Newtype USA(NTUSA)?

Kimberly: There really is no typical day. Earlier in the month, days are a bit more regular and involve more planning, but as we get closer to our print deadline at the end of the month all bets are off. It is controlled chaos on a small scale. Actually, we refine our production processes a little more with each issue so it gets better.

ANN: How many people are working full time on magazine?

Kimberly: We have 13 full time people plus a few part time.

ANN: How was the staff assembled for this project?

Kimberly: After AD Vision licensed Newtype USA, the staff was hired over the next few months to get the first issue out. The team consists of translators, editors, artists and a production coordinator. Our business & marketing staff are a shared resource with AD Vision. We have a great group of freelance writers & contributing editors as well. NTUSA has some wonderful international coordinators in Tokyo who facilitate our relationship with Kadokawa Shoten and who also help us in interviews and articles that we create in Japan.

ANN: Do you have a time where all the staff get together and watch anime together?

Kimberly: Not regularly. Everyone has their own schedule so that's not something we have time to do at work.

ANN: Does the staff plan to be active in attending anime conventions and festivals?

Kimberly: We would like to but we have a small staff and everyone is needed to get each issue out so we'll have to see how that plays out as convention season ramps up.

ANN: How much interaction do you have with your Japanese parent magazine? Also, how much interaction is there with Newtype's parent company Kadokawa Shoten?

Kimberly: Kadokawa Shoten has been absolutely key to the success of Newtype USA in many, many ways. They are very involved in our publishing efforts and have worked extremely hard to give us access to the best illustrative & editorial material as well as help us establish our own relationships with creative studios and companies in Japan. They have shared their nearly 20 years of experience in publishing and really accelerated our learning process to enable Newtype USA to get off the ground very quickly.

ANN: How happy are you and the staff with the first two issues that have been published?

Kimberly: Overall we are very pleased. After each issue comes out we go over it & find things we want to make better so we aim for that in the next issue. The third issue is better than the first two and we hope to continuously improve as we go along.

ANN: What type of content that is not in the current issues, would you like to be added to the magazine in the future?

Kimberly: Sorry - not something I can answer right now.

ANN: You've already doubled your circulation from 30,000 copies to 60,000 copies, what are your plan in regards to circulation numbers for the next year and beyond? How does the distribution break up in terms of subscription, magazine stores, newsstands and specialty shops?

Kimberly: The majority of our distribution right now is through newsstand sales so subscriptions are the big area we plan to grow in the next year. Through a series of coordinated marketing efforts we expect to see a steady growth in sales numbers over the long term.

ANN: ANN has heard that you are, or are planning to distribute NTUSA outside of North America. Is this true, and if so, what other lucky fans can expect to see copies of NT USA at their local Anime Shop?

Kimberly: NTUSA is distributed all over the English-speaking world. From the UK to Australia. Some shops order directly while others go through Diamond or a local distributor.

ANN: Do you expect there to be any collaborative work between Newtype USA and The Anime Network?

Kimberly: Nothing has been discussed at this point but The Anime Network has just begun so we hope to develop a collaborative effort in the future.

ANN: What is your opinion about the competition in the Anime / Manga publication market, both in terms of anthologies and magazines such as yours? Do you think the market is big enough for all the magazines to succeed, or do you think there will be some attrition?

Kimberly: Sorry - I focus on our publication only and don't feel it's appropriate to discuss others.

ANN: What do you believe will make Newtype USA magazine successful in the long run?

Kimberly: The combination of in-depth information and beautiful artwork from Japan combined with articles developed for the local markets.

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