Role Call! A Look at New Characters in OVA3

by Sean Broestl,
Okay, so we already gave you a guide to all the Tenchi Muyo characters you already know. With a new OAV though, it's only natural that there'll be plenty of new faces and names. Here's some quick bios on the new folks that pop up in the first disc of Tenchi Muyo OAV 3.

Noike Kamiki

Noike is many things – Lady Seto's adopted daughter, Mihoshi's former partner in the Galaxy Police, and Tenchi's arranged fiancé. Her polite and gentle nature would make her fit in nicely with the rest of the women at Tenchi's house, if Ayeka and Ryoko weren't breathing fire down her neck for laying claim to their primary love interest. Still, she does her best to help out around the house. She appears to have a secret agenda of some sort, the depth of which is only beginning to be revealed.

Tennyo Masaki

Tenchi nearly fainted at learning he had a hidden sister. Tennyo has been close to Tenchi for most of his life, briefly masquerading as his mother after she passed away. While she's generally very calm in appearance, she has a slight mean streak.

Airi Masaki

Katsuhito's first wife. Together, they gave birth to Kiyone, Tenchi's mother. Airi is introduced to everyone as Noike's escort to Earth and a member of the Galaxy Police. She's a bit cold at first, but quickly warms up to her grandchild, Tenchi.


Z is the shadowy character that appeared at the very end of Tenchi OAV 2. He is loyal to Lady Tokimi and has a mission to discover more about the depth of Tenchi's mysterious powers.

Seto Kamiki

Seto is the power behind the throne in Jurai. She directs a lot of the decisions of the Jurai emperor and apparently has a penchant for matchmaking. After adopting Noike, she decides that her newfound daughter will marry Tenchi Masaki. She is also known as “The Devil Princess of Jurai,” a title that doesn't seem undeserved, considering Ryoko's reaction to the mere mention of her name.


Lady Tokimi doesn't exist in the same dimension as Tenchi and his friends. She is one of three almighty beings. In the previous Tenchi OAV, she sent Dr. Clay to capture Washu. From that incident, she learns of Tenchi and his powers. In OAV 3, she sends another of her servants, Z to find out more about Tenchi.

Rea Masaki

Nobuyuki's second wife, she married him sometime during the timeline of Tenchi Muyo OAV 2. She was a family friend beforehand, and seems to have a soft spot for Tenchi, whom she helped care for after Kiyone Masaki's death.

Minami Kuramitsu

Mihoshi's Grandfather and the marshal of the Galaxy Police. He has a lot of concern for his bumbling, lazy daughter. If it weren't for him, she probably would have been tossed out of the force years ago. When he receives word that Tenchi is abusing Mihoshi, he sends Mihoshi's younger brother Misao out to rescue her, no matter what.

Misao Kuramitsu

Mihoshi's younger brother. He has a lot of concern for his sister, and won't stand still for a moment at hearing word that Tenchi may be treating her unkindly. Unlike his sister, he has managed to maintain a decent rank in the Galaxy Police, commanding a tremendous spherical battleship for them.

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