Creator's World 2010 at Tokyo Anime Fair

by Zac Bertschy,
Every year at Tokyo Anime Fair they have an area in the back for independent and up-and-coming animators and artists called “Creator's World”. It is, without a doubt, the one place at TAF where you're guaranteed to see some cutting-edge art (not to mention a welcome and fascinating respite from the bright flashing lights and mainstream anime fare found on the show floor).

I walked around and took some photos of the larger booths at Creator's World, and while I can't offer total context for these images, I've included the artist's website if you like what you see and want more information. I hope you find this stuff as compelling and refreshing as I do!

Mitsuo Toyama (

Woodpecker Films (

Uekusa Wataru (

Ohrys Bird (

Shibue Shuhei (

Yutaro Sawada (

Ishikawa-HD (

Tomayoshi Joko Animation (

Takorasu (

Minoru Sugiyama (

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