Gia's List: Anime's 6 Easiest Good Guys to Make Angry

by Gia Manry,

Nearly every good guy gets upset when the bad guys hurt people, but some heroes have additional hot-button topics or actions that set them off. Sometimes these involve another person or item, some of them just involve their own particularly-hated insults or traits...but all of these heroes may go psycho if you accidentally trip their wire, so to speak.

6. Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)
At first glance, Honey is a cute kid with a stuffed bunny. In the reality of Ouran High School Host Club, he's a high school upperclassman who is a martial arts expert, a top-tier student, and, of course, a popular "host" for his female classmates after school. He is also someone whose good side you want to stay on. Fortunately, this is usually pretty easy to do, since Honey is usually a wisdom-provider for the group. On the other hand, there are a couple of ways to really make Honey mad and both are easy to do by accident. The first is to wake Honey up from a nap, or any other slumber. The second is to mess with his bunny. Do not mess with a professional-grade martial artist's stuffed bunny.

5. Tadase Hotori (Shugo Chara!)
Tadase is a kind, even-tempered boy who, like most main characters in Shugo Chara!, lives with a tiny magical person who represents a hidden, secret element of his personality. In Tadase's case, this element is his desire to rule. Yes, his Shugo Chara is a tiny little king who attempts to reign supreme over the other Shugo Charas, usually to humorous effect as they either ignore him or go along with his wishes for the fun of it all. Unfortunately for the ladies who love Tadase (and they are many): they think of him as the "prince" of the school, as Japanese girls are wont to do if you believe various school anime. But if you ever call Tadase a "prince" to his face (or even just say the word in his presence), he'll flip into his Character Change mode and become a domineering king. Good thing no one on their team is an '80s music fan.

4. Komui Lee (D.Gray-Man)
While often playing for laughs in his series, Komui Lee is a seriously good guy. After his parents died, he took care of his sister...until it turned out that she had the ability to become an exorcist, and she was forcibly taken from him. He worked for almost four years to get into the organization that took her, the Black Order, and become chief officer so that he could make his sister's life better. Yes, Komui works hard to make sure that his sister Lenalee can be happy...up to a point. The easiest way to tick Komui off (or wake him up, or distract him, or induce him into a hate-fueled rage) is to flirt with, make suggestive comments about, or make up a marriage for Lenalee Lee. Fortunately for his coworkers, Komui's anger is generally more comical than dangerous. Usually.

3. Sanji (One Piece)
Sanji the chef prefers to fight with his powerful legs, saving his hands and his knives for the kitchen. There is an exception to this rule, however: in one battle, the opponents fight by flinging food at Luffy's crew, and that's when they learn what a terrible, terrible thing it is to waste food. This is apparently Sanji's major pet peeve because he goes nuts and yes, he brings out the knives. Sanji is also one of those unique characters who seems to burst into flame when he's angry, so one wonders if maybe he inadvertently cooked some meals in that fight. Sanji also gets upset when people (read: Luffy) steal food from the fridge, question his own cooking abilities, or otherwise desecrate the "sacred" act of food preparation. His anger in these scenarios can even outweigh other traits, like his obsession with pretty women.

2. Ed Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
One word: shrimp.

Yes, Ed carries the traditional hero's trait of getting upset when people mess with his friends, but you don't have to threaten Winry to get a rise out of him. All you have to do is make reference to his petite stature. He actually has a selective hearing problem, too: maybe you referred to him as "short," but he heard it as "the tiniest shrimpy shrimp that ever shrimped." And the guy has the power to rearrange matter pretty much at will, so...stay away from seafood and definitely avoid the short jokes.

1. Lina Inverse (Slayers)
Okay, to be fair, Lina may be more "chaotic neutral" than "good guy" most of the time, but she always comes through when the world needs her, and the list of things that set off her extremely short temper is remarkably long. With Lina, you never want to: use one of her horrible nicknames (like "The Enemy of All Who Live"), interrupt her meal, refer to her being flat-chested, keep her from her food...she also has one "good" pet peeve: when people hurt children around her. Other than that, mostly anything that annoys her could result in her casting a "Dragon Slave," the magical equivalent to a nuke going off. Sure, in the first episode, Gourry trips all these traps and lives...but don't bet that it'd be the same for you.

The new poll: Since we're ending on a Lina Inverse note, I was curious which of Lina's most popular spells you'd most like to have. Would you rather be able to lay waste to an entire continent, or fly? Would you be okay with a tough incantation? Answer the poll and check back for the results!

The previous poll: An astonishing number of you thought it would be cool to be Yuuko from xxxHOLiC in our last poll, willing to accept never being able to tell anyone anything without making them pay a price in exchange for knowing everything. We can understand the temptation, but this took 47 of the vote. Another surprise: being incapable of navigating your own home is an acceptable loss if it nets you martial arts abilities at the level of Ryouga Hibiki in Ranma 1/2 for over 20 of you! Here are the full results:

  1. Knowing everything - but not being allowed to tell anyone anything without making them pay a price (Yuuko, xxxHOLiC) - 47.42%
  2. Incredible martial arts abilities - but an inability to get anywhere without getting lost (Ryoga, Ranma 1/2) - 20.87%
  3. Powerful fire magic - but crippling motion sickness on any vehicle, even piggy-back riding (Natsu, Fairy Tail) - 16.01%
  4. An honest-to-goodness giant mech - but Gendo as your single parent (Shinji, Neon Genesis Evangelion) - 10.84
  5. Super-speed and weapons training - but mental conditioning to keep you obedient to a "big brother" (Gunslinger Girl) - 4.86

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