Vanity Fair References Fist of the North Star Manga

posted on by Gia Manry
Politician Sarah Palin's "North Star" nickname spurs reference, former fan blog

American magazine Vanity Fair has published and posted an article about former American vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin which references Buronson and Tetsuo Hara's manga Fist of the North Star. The title is used as a sub-heading in the piece, preceeding a discussion of Sarah Palin's self-appointed nickname "North Star." The article goes on to mention a Palin fan blog that was also titled "Fist of the North Star," and then explains the reference. The fan blog is now defunct.

Shueisha published the original Fist of the North Star manga from 1983 to 1988, and a TV anime adaptation aired from 1984 to 1987. A number of spinoff and sequel manga have been published since then, including Tetsuo Hara's prequel Fist of the Blue Sky and Legends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star Story, which was animated as a 2008 television series licensed by Sentai Filmworks. Discotek Media also announced its acquisition of the original Fist of the North Star TV anime in 2009.

Image © Buronson / Tetsuo Hara / Shueisha

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