Yamato Cast Respond to Yoshinobu Nishizaki's Passing

posted on by Egan Loo
Space Battleship Yamato anime co-creator Leiji Matsumoto not ready to respond yet

The day after the unexpected passing of Space Battleship Yamato producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki, two members of the voice cast from this influential space opera anime respond.

Goro Naya, the 80-year-old voice actor of the spaceship Yamato's Captain Jūzō Okita, said, "He had an unconventional way as a producer and usually had something fascinating to talk about. To meet his fate by falling off the research vessel Yamato …. I only pray for his happiness in the next world."

Youko Asagami, the 58-year-old voice actress of Yamato heroine Yuki Mori, said, "Nishizaki was one of the people who chose me to become 'Yuki.' I pray that he found peaceful rest. I pray that he will watch over and help those who chase dreams."

Leiji Matsumoto, the 72-year-old manga and anime creator who settled a long-running dispute over Yamato's copyrights with Nishizaki in 2003, told the Sports Nippon newspaper, "I don't know the details, so I'm not ready to respond. Because we're dealing with a person's passing, please forgive me for not commenting yet."

Source: Sports Nippon

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