Japanese Working Women Polled on One Piece Manga

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41% have read manga; 84% do not want to see hypothetical live-action version

The women's marketing firm Trenders held a poll in October to ask Japanese working women about Eiichiro Oda's pirate manga One Piece. According to the November 8 report, 41% of the 506 respondents said that they have read One Piece, although only 19% of the ones who have read it own the compiled manga volumes personally. On the other hand, 58% of the manga volume owners did have all of the volumes.

When asked which character they want as a boyfriend, the respondents gave the following answers:

Rank Character Responses
1 Sanji 45
2 Monkey D. Luffy 43
3 Roronoa Zoro/Zolo 36
4 Shanks (Red-Hair) 9
5 Portgas D. Ace 8

The responses were slightly different for which character they want to marry:

Rank Character Responses
1 Roronoa Zoro/Zolo 36
2 Sanji 30
3 Monkey D. Luffy 23
4 Shanks (Red-Hair) 14
5 Portgas D. Ace 8

Trenders then asked the respondents if they want to see a hypothetical live-action version of One Piece. (A live-action version of One Piece has not been announced.) 84% said they would not want to see one. However, Trenders asked those who did want to see a live-action version about their ideal cast. The top vote-getters were Shingo Katori for Monkey D. Luffy, Shun Oguri for Roronoa Zoro/Zolo, Aya Ueto for Nami, Yo Oizumi for Usopp, and Osamu Mukai for Sanji. The rankings are as follows:

Monkey D. Luffy

Rank Actor Responses
1 Shingo Katori 39
2 Takeru Sato 16
3 Teppei Koike 12

Roronoa Zoro/Zolo

Rank Actor Responses
1 Shun Oguri 18
2 Shota Matsuda/Ryuhei Matsuda (tie) 7
3 Osamu Mukai 12


Rank Actress Responses
1 Aya Ueto 25
2 Erika Toda 9
3 Horikita Maki 5


Rank Actor Responses
1 Yo Oizumi 74
2 Kenta Kiritani/Eiji Wentz (tie) 5
3 Shingo Katori 4


Rank Actor Responses
1 Osamu Mukai 10
2 Shun Oguri 9
3 Shota Matsuda 8

Trenders conducted the poll online among 506 working women aged 20 to 39 from October 27 to October 28.

Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web

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