Daily Video: Music Gun Gun! 2 Game with Touhou Music

posted on by Daryl Bunao
Anime themes, Vocaloid songs included in Taito arcade game

Taito's Music Gun Gun! 2 is a combination of two popular arcade genres: light-gun shooter and rhythmic action. In the game, one or two players can select a song from a catalog of over 100 songs and gun down monsters that spawn according to that song's beat.

In this video that appeared on Taito's official YouTube channel on Thursday, Assistant Producer Maya and Sound Director Cosio (Zuntata) demonstrate how to access a secret "Very Hard" mode. The video also highlights three of the game's "secret" songs: "Cirno's Perfect Math Class" from the Touhou Project series, "Top Landing (MGG Special Remix)" from the 1988 arcade game Top Landing, and "Touhou Sangakusai" (a remix of Yukari Yakumo's "Necrofantasia" theme from the Touhou series, as arranged by Touhou Project's Zuntata).

The game's song list is divided up into seven categories: J-pop, Anime, Game, Hatsune Miku (and other Vocaloid singers), Original, Classical, and Kids. Some of the anime songs included in the game are "Zetsubō Billy" from Death Note, "Bluebird" from Naruto Shippūden, "My Soul, Your Beats" from Angel Beats, "only my railgun" from A Certain Scientific Railgun, "Genesis of Aquarion" from Aquarion and "Super Driver" from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

For a complete list of confirmed tracks, visit the official Japanese website.

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