Sengoku Basara Samurai Eyeglasses Sold in Japan

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Zoff's Date Masamune, Sanada Yukimura glasses inspired by CAPCOM's games/anime

Zoff, a Japanese retail chain for eyeglasses, has begun taking pre-orders for "Zoff x Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes" eyeglasses exclusively online. The limited-edition pairs come in Date Masamune or Sanada Yukimura models inspired by the warlord and samurai characters in CAPCOM's game and anime franchise. Each costs 3,150 yen (about US$40) and will start shipping in early August.

The Date model is imprinted with the image of the character's in-game weapon (the six-bladed "Claws of the Dragon") on the right temple arm, which also has a metal version of Date's trademark crescent moon symbol on its tip. The Sanada model has his dual cross spears imprinted on the right temple arm, along with a metal family crest on its tip.

Both pairs ship with non-prescription lenses, but Zoff stores can replace them with prescription lenses. Both also come with cases imprinted with the character's name and lens-cleaning cloth imprinted with their respective symbols.

A European missionary named Francis Xavier did help introduce eyeglasses in Japan around 1551, 16 years before the births of Date and Sanada. However, neither Date nor Sanada was a known wearer of eyeglasses.

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