Gurren Lagann Quake Charity Book Sold on Kindle Store

posted on by Daryl Bunao
Believe in Yourself features art from project members Sushio, Imaishi, Shokotan

The Gurren Lagann charity book entitled "Believe in Yourself" is now available online via Amazon's Kindle Store.

The 84-page book features original illustrations from nearly 40 Japanese and American artists centering around the 2007 animated series Gurren Lagann. Its retail prices is set at US$9.99 and all proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to continue support in areas affected by the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster.

Many members of the Gurren Lagann team had a part in creating the book. Assistant director Masahiko Otsuka spearheaded the project; animator Sushio provided the cover illustration shown; director Hiroyuki Imaishi illustrated the back cover and even multi-talented music artist Shoko Nakagawa (who performs the Gurren Lagann opening "Sorairo Days") contributed an illustration.

"Believe in Yourself" has already been sold in a number of events catering to dōjin works, such as Comic Market 80, this year and has been estimated to have raised more that three million yen (about US$40,000).

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