Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave PSP Game's Promo Posted

posted on 2011-09-20 20:30 EDT by Jennifer Sherman
PSP game features characters from previous Tales of titles

Bandai Namco Games' official Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave website began streaming a two-minute promotional video for the action PSP game on Tuesday. The video includes gameplay clips and features the characters Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia, Lloyd Irving and Zelos Wilder from Tales of Symphonia, and Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia.

This year's 41st issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine announced the game and indicated its style will be similar to the Dynasty Warriors (Sangoku Musou) franchise. The game will include one-player and two-player modes, and popular characters from fifteen previous Tales of games will appear in Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.

Tales of Xillia, the 13th mothership title in the Tales of game series, became one of the best-selling games of 2011 in Japan after its September 8 release. Bandai Namco Games is planning the Tales of Innocence R role-playing game and began streaming a promotional video. A Tales of game for the PlayStation Vita portable platform is also in development.

No release date has been announced for Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave.

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