Bones Animates Level-5/Grasshopper's Kaihō Shōjo Robot Shooter

posted on 2011-10-11 23:25 EDT by Egan Loo
"Shōjo x robot" 3D shooting game in Level-5's 4-game Guild01 3DS package

This week's issue of Enterbrain's Weekly Famitsu magazine is revealing on Thursday that the anime studio Bones is producing the animation in Kaihō Shōjo, a Nintendo 3DS shooting game from the game publisher Level-5 and Grasshopper CEO Goichi “Suda 51” Suda. The game has a "shōjo x robot" theme. Kaihō Shōjo is part of a four-game compilation package that Level-5 will offer for the Nintendo 3DS next year under the name Guild01.

The 3D shooting game is set in Japan a century from now, when a new natural energy source known as "Shinjū" (Divine Beast) is used. However, the power source has been sealed off after a major country invades Japan and subjugates Japan.

The players assumes the role of Shōko Ōzora, a high school girl who has been inaugurated as the second president of New Japan after her father (the first president) was assassinated. Using the stylus, the player controls "Kaihōki" (Liberation Machine) Kamui, an 11-meter-tall humanoid robot with anti-aircraft and anti-ground weapons.

Guild01's three other games are the dark fantasy adventure role-playing game Crimson Shroud from Yasumi Matsuno (Ogre Battle, Vagrant Story), the role-playing game Rental Bukiya de Omasse about a fantasy weaponry maker from Yoshiyuki Hirai of the comedy duo America Zarigani, and the airport simulation game Air Porter from Vivarium head Yoot Saito (SimTower, Seaman).

[Via Hachima Kikō (link 2), My Game News Flash]

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