Gonzo to Collaborate with Singapore School for Animation Training

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Japanese studio and animation school aim to expand anime education worldwide

The Gonzo anime studio is partnering with Singapore's ArtFusion Media School to create a new anime-style animation school. Developing anime training overseas and expanding the medium into foreign countries while remaining centered in Asia is the program's main goal. The rising demand for anime and its international popularity also inspired the collaboration's creation.

Established in 2007, ArtFusion Media School already offers courses in 3D modeling, character animation, conceptual art, and digital visual effects. The new partnership will offer short-term classes intended for foreign fans of Japanese animation. Gonzo states that while a large number of anime fans live in Singapore, there is little Japanese-style animation training available in the country.

The partners also hope to create international licensing agreements to accommodate other countries' desires for education in anime creation. With that goal in mind, Gonzo and ArtFusion Media School plan to offer long-term courses in their anime education program in the future.

The collaboration recognizes that there are many anime fans in foreign countries who may want to create anime, but the inability to travel to Japan, difficulty in understanding Japanese, and other obstacles prevent them. This project's creators want to help aspiring anime developers overcome such hurdles.


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