'Hornet with Milk Chita' Moe Car Alarms Sold

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System features character's voice, bundles 'Chita Musume' stickers, calendar

The Kato-Denki company will begin selling the "Bee Sensor BEE700C" and "Super Voice Module Milk Chita Version" car alarm systems featuring the moe character Milk Chita on December 1. The Hornet car alarm brand is collaborating with the "Chita Musume" (Chita Girls) campaign to sell the "Hornet with Milk Chita" car alarms throughout Japan. Aichi Prefecture's Chita Musume initiative uses ten moe characters to promote and encourage tourism in the prefecture's Chita peninsula.

In addition to Milk Chita's appearances on the car alarm's advertisements, the Bee Sensor BEE700C comes with Chita Musume stickers, calendar, and downloadable wallpaper. The alarm plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and sounds a 90-decibel siren while flashing LED lights when someone tampers with the vehicle. It also includes a remote controller and notification system with a small image of Milk Chita's head.

The Super Voice Module Milk Chita Version add-on connects to existing Hornet Viper car security systems. Mild Chita's voice provides notifications when users turn the system on and off. The equipment's retail price will be 47,040 yen (about US$600). Kato-Denki wants users to enjoy their car ownership experience more by protecting their vehicles with the likable moe character.

The Play! Aichi Chita Peninsula governmental campaign posted a series of twelve English-subtitled Chita Musume videos on its YouTube channel earlier this year. The videos highlight Chita Peninsula's specialties, features, and important locations.

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Image © Kato-Denki, End Goal

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