Oricon Poll: Views on Turning Anime/Manga into Live-Action

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65% of panelists: "somewhat unhappy," "completely unhappy" with adaptations

The market research firm Oricon posted the results of its survey on how people perceived live-action television series and movie adaptations of anime, manga, and video games. Oricon selected 1,000 panelists, evenly divided by gender and four age groups: teenagers, people in their 20s, people in their 30s, and people in their 40s. Oricon then conducted its survey with this nationwide sample between October 25 and October 28 online.

About 65% of respondents said they were not satisfied with live-action adaptations. Overall, 16.8% said they were "completely unhappy" with such films and television dramas while 48.4% were "somewhat unhappy." Only 3.8% were "very happy" with live-action adaptations while the remaining 31.0% said they were "fairly happy."

As the most negative respondents, 68% of men chose "somewhat unhappy" or "completely unhappy" while 73.1% of people in their 20s selected those replies. Panelists in their 30s had the most positive feelings towards these adaptions with 39.6% answering "fairly happy" or "very happy."

Oricon also asked fans what they want most in live-action adaptations of anime and manga. Most respondents (69.6%) said having a cast that matches the original work is important. About half of the panelists (49.5%) said they want the live-action versions' stories to remain faithful to the original work. Other criteria people desired in live-action adaptations were consultation with the original creator regarding the cast and script (33.7%), the inclusion of scenes that capture the "spirit" of the original story (29.7%), and diligence in incorporating characters' trademark items (22.7%).

Oricon conducted a similar poll in June that asked people which mange they thought were successfully adapted into live-action. Nodame Cantabile, Hana Yori Dango, and Jin topped the list. In September, the Japanese portal site Goo asked its readers which live-action adaptations of manga or anime they liked. That list's top three titles were Death Note, Umizaru, and Rookies.

Source: Oricon

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