Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masōkishin II's 2nd Promo Posted

posted on 2011-12-12 11:45 EST by Egan Loo
PSP sequel of Banpresto's simulation RPG to ship on January 12

The official website for the game sequel Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masōkishin II: Revelation of Evil God began streaming the second 10-minute promotional video on Monday. The first promotional video from last month is also still available:

Like the other OG (Original Generation) games, this simulation role-playing game features characters and mechanical designs that originated within the Super Robot Wars franchise, and not those that were licensed from other anime and game franchises. The story is set in an alternate dimension within Earth itself, on a world named La Gias. A relevation from the Holy Langran Kingdom, the most powerful country on La Gias, shocks the world: an invasion by an evil god will destroy the world.

To counter the threat, Langran develops humanoid weapons known as Masōki. Four of the Masōki were bound by contract with high-level Elemental spirits to become Elemental Lords (Masōkishin). In its search for a pilot capable of piloting Cybuster (the Elemental Lord of the Wind), Langran summons a boy named Masaki Andoh from Earth. Masaki gets caught in the strife that is tearing the world of La Gias apart.

Banpresto will release the game on the PSP handheld platform in Japan on January 12, 2012. There will also be a limited-edition set with a PSP port of the Nintendo DS game Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masōkishin: The Lord of the Elemental. People who pre-order either the standalone game or the limited-edition set will receive the Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masōkishin Original Sound Collection CD.

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