New .hack Game Set After 2012's .hack//The Movie

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CyberConnect2 studio not ready to reveal hardware for ".hack 3rd season's" game

This week's issue of Enterbrain's Weekly Famitsu magazine is revealing that the latest .hack game is planned after next month's .hack//The Movie anime. Work on both the film and the game were launched simultaneously as part of the ".hack 3rd season" project.

Hiroshi Matsuyama, the head of .hack's CyberConnect2 studio, said in an interview in Famitsu that he cannot reveal which hardware that the new game will run on. However, he emphasized that graphics are being rendered in real-time (as opposed to pre-rendered). He acknowledged that the ".hack 3rd season" project has taken a turn for photorealism after the anime-influenced look of the previous titles.

Famitsu published preliminary images from the game this week. When Famitsu asked Matsuyama if the images show Haseo (the protagonist of the earlier .hack//G.U. games), Matsuyama simply answered, "It is Haseo." However, when Famitsu pressed him ("Is it that Haseo?"), he responded, "I can't answer that yet! (laughs)"

[Via Hachima Kikō, My Game News Flash]

Update: Haseo's English spelling updated. Thanks, mewpudding101.

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