Madoka Magica Exhibit's Opening Photographed

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Magical girls' scenes, backgrounds, shop items pics posted

Visitors to MOVIC Promote Service's "Puella Magi Madoka Magica Exhibit" have posted images from the event online. The exhibit recreates famous scenes from the world of the magical girl anime.

The event's "Attraction Zone" features games such as one where visitors can use a recreation of Mami's final move weapon to shoot enemies or one where visitors can use Sayaka's bat to hit balls at enemies. Those who clear the games can win prizes such as a character stamp or a book.

The exhibit includes a shop where visitors can buy goods such as T-shirts (2,000 yen or US$25 each), a Charlotte the Dessert Witch puppet (2,500 yen or US$32), or a replica Soul Gem (3,150 yen or US$40 each).

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica Exhibit" is running from December 27 to December 31 at the Sunshine City complex's Culture Hall in Tokyo's Ikebukuro district. It will then run from February 10 to February 12 at the Asia and Pacific Trade Center's ATC Hall in Osaka and then from March 20 to March 25 at Nagoya Trade & Industry Center's Fukiage Hall in Nagoya City.

Tickets cost 1,300 yen (US$17) at the door, and visitors receive bonus Soul Gem earphone holders.

[Via Moe Otanews Sokuhō]

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