Akihabara Café Sells Instant Ramen Served by Idols

posted on by Egan Loo
Spend 800 yen/US$10 to have "real" idol pour hot water, talk with you for 3 minutes

Noodol Café, a shop that combines "idols x instant ramen x Akihabara," opened in the heart of Tokyo's Electric Town on Monday. For 800 yen (about US$10) each, the café sells the same styrofoam cup of instant ramen that can be found in supermarkets for 1/4th the price.

However, the café adds a special service: a "real" idol working at the talent agency Platinum Production will pour boiling water into the cup. The customer can then talk with the idol — for all of three minutes that it takes for the ramen to simmer.

Like in many Japanese shops, customers can order their choice of meal and drink (both are 800 yen each) from a ticket vending machine at the front of the café. Unlike other shops, the machine allows customers to also choose which idol will serve their meals.

In a television interview, a customer pointed out that the Noodol Café is actually cheaper than getting instant ramen from a traditional Akihabara maid café for about 1,000 yen (US$13).

Source: Youcasee Media via Ko Ransom

Update: The café held a special preview on Monday, but its formal opening will be on Wednesday. Another customer noted that he could spend 1,000 yen at a traditional "handshaking" event for just 15 seconds with an idol.

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