Madoka Magica's Life-Size Giant Musket Rises Over WonFes

posted on by Egan Loo
1/1-scale, 31.50-caliber replica built, blueprint DVD-ROM sold at Wonder Festival

The model gun and accessory maker Dai-Nihon Giken erected a life-size replica of the Magical Musket from the Puella Magi Madoka Magica television anime series and made it the centerpiece of its Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter] booth on Sunday.

Dai-Nihon Giken did not say how tall its replica is, but it did note that the barrel is 80 centimeters (about 31.5 inches) wide. If a typical real-life rifle is .22-caliber, then Dai-Nihon Giken's replica would be 31.50-caliber.

While Dai-Nihon Giken did not sell the life-size replica itself, it did sell 50 plans to make a papercraft version on DVD-ROM for 3,000 yen (US$39) each. The group also sold replica kits of Mami's more conventionally-sized muskets from Madoka Magica's third episode, as well as of Fate/Zero's Thompson Contender gun.

The Gigazine website posted more photographs in higher resolution of the life-size Magical Musket and Dai-Nihon Giken's booth. Dai-Nihon Giken also posted photographs from the construction of the Magical Musket.

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