Madoka Magica's Urobuchi Crowd-Sources Message to Tokyo Gov't

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Asks Twitter followers to help write about law "threatening freedom of expression" in Tokyo Anime Award book

Puella Magi Madoka Magica screenwriter Gen Urobuchi noted on Thursday that the metropolis of Tokyo praised him with the Best Screenplay award in the Tokyo Anime Awards. However, he also commented that the government of the same Tokyo metropolis passed a bill "threatening freedom of expression with an ridiculous ordinance," leaving him very worried. According to Urobuchi, the awards were announced before he had a chance to decline, as manga creator Noboru Kawasaki (Kyojin no Hoshi) had done last year.

Urobuchi noted that he has until February 23 to submit a comment of 200 Japanese characters or less for publication in a commemorative book for the awards. He considered it a chance to send a message to the metropolis of Tokyo.

Although Urobuchi said that he is good at writing text that put "earnest girls and old men smitten with unrequited love" in jeopardy, he has trouble writing in excruciating detail about the law. Therefore, he is asking his Twitter followers for help writing the message. He noted that a Tweet only has 140 characters, so he will pad out the final comment with 60 or so filler characters about being honored with the award.

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