Sadako Goes on Vacation in BD Photoshoot

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Photo album to be included with limited edition Sadako 3D Blu-ray boxset

Sadako, the killer ghost from The Ring films took a whimsical holiday in a recent photo shoot. The series of shots will be published in a 32-page book to be included in a limited edition boxset release of the Sadako 3D horror film. The book features images of Sadako doing typical activities like going to the arcade, getting a haircut and napping in the park.

The "Curse of Sadako" boxset is slated for October 31 with only 4,444 printed copies (4 is pronounced "shi" in Japanese and is a homonym for "death") planned for distribution. The set will retail for 6,720 yen (approximately $85 USD).

Along with the "Sadako's Holiday" photo album, the boxset includes the film on Blu-ray Disc and DVD, and a bonus features disc containing 100 minutes of additional footage. Bonus features include: a "making of" vignette, wrap-up special, the Nico Nico Douga "Sadako's Room" live broadcast with appearances by The Ring author Koji Suzuki, Kadokawa Shoten president Shinichiro Inoue, and host Leila Okuhama, the April 23 and May 12 theater greeting specials, event reflection collection, a preview for Gekichou Idol Android "DeeDeeESP", TV ad spots, and the "S" music video by singer SID.

The film opened at #2 in Japanese box offices on May 12.

[via Movie Collection]

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