Sony Computer Ent. Japan Unveils Puppeteer, Rain PS3 Games

posted on 2012-08-14 18:45 EDT by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Both games to get release via PLAYSTATION Network

Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan Studio unveiled two new games for the PlayStation 3 at its Gamescom conference on Tuesday. The first game, Rain, revolves around a boy who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious new world. In this world, he is invisible, and can only be seen in the rain. The game is a story of an invisible world revealed by rain. Sony streamed the unveiling trailer for the game during its Gamescom conference.

Sony describes Puppeteer as follows:

One dark moonlit night, a young boy named Kutaro was carried away by the maleficent Moon Bear King to a black castle where the unlucky lad was transformed into a puppet.

Kutaro displeased the terrible tyrant, who devoured the boy's wooden head and cast away his body. But the headless hero was not alone, for he had discovered a very special pair of scissors to help him on his harrowing adventure to find his head, and his way home.

Sony is currently streaming a trailer for Puppeteer.

Sony has not yet announced a release date for either game. The company will release both games via the PlayStation Network.

Update: Sony has begun streaming the Rain trailer in English and Japanese.

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