The World Ends With You iOS Port Ends With New Hint at More

posted on by Ko Ransom
Game's translator confirms ending teasing "New 7 Days"

A secret ending included in the recent The World Ends With You Solo Remix iOS port features an image of a girl staring at a sign reading "New 7 Days" on the game's 104 Building. Brian Gray, the game's translator, confirmed the authenticity of the image through a post made to his Twitter account.

Tatsuya Kando, the game's director, previously hinted at further developments for the title beyond the iOS port earlier this month.

The recent port features a revamped Fusion combat system, as well as upgraded high-definition art and touchscreen menus. A wireless arcade feature allows players to connect with fellow iOS gamers in the "Tin Pin Slammer" bonus game.

The port retails for US$17.99 on iPhone and US$19.99 for iPad, and includes composer Takeharu Ishimoto's 60-song soundtrack.

As the ending of the game, the following video contains spoilers.

[Via VGChartz]

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