Touhou Project Eyeglasses Features Reimu, Marisa Designs

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Tokyo's eyemirror asks Shanghai Alice for collaboration

Tokyo eyewear store eyemirror announced that it is offering eyeglasses in the design of two characters from the Touhou Project dōjin games, in a collaboration with Shanghai Alice. The unisex glasses come in two styles: Hakurei Shrine maiden Reimu (size 52-16-137), and witch Marisa (size 51-17-140).

Each design of glasses is limited to only 200 serial-numbered pairs. Each pair of glasses comes with an original glasses case and original glasses cleaning cloth. Each pair will cost 13,650 yen (about US$156), and are planned to go on sale on January 5.

According to eyemirror, Shanghai Alice was unsure of whether to do the collaboration when first asked by eyemirror, as there are no characters in the Touhou Project universe who wear glasses. However, Shanghai Alice understood the passion of the glasses artisans who wanted the collaboration to happen, and decided to give permission to produce the glasses. Then, eyemirror commissioned the company “sign," who had also produced the popular “Less than human” glasses previously, to produce the “TOHO MEGANE” brand of glasses. After considerable effort was made drafting the designs, the glasses were approved for sale.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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