Megpoid the Music# Vocaloid Game Video Previews 'Jū Mensō'

posted on 2013-02-16 02:30 EST by Egan Loo
Gumi mascot girl performs YM's song in March 28 PSP game

On Friday, the software company Asgard's ParaPhray development division began streaming the third gameplay video for the Megpoid the Music #, the PSP rhythm game based on the music of the Megpoid Vocaloid voice synthesis software. In the video, Megpoid's mascot girl Gumi performs YM's song "Jū Mensō" (10 Faces).

The game's official website also revealed two more songs that will be included in the game: Reruriri's "Zutto Kono Mama" and Piroparu's "Rappa Fuki no Shōnen."

The Megpoid software sampled voice actress Megumi Nakajima for its library. Megpoid the music# will feature a "Gumi Room" mode that will allow players to redecorate Gumi's room and dress her up in different outfits acquired throughout the game. Vocaloid illustrators Nou and Tsukasa Ryūgū (Manbou no Ane) are in charge of Gumi's design for the game.

ParaPhray slated the game for release in Japan on March 28. The limited edition will include two Petanko Mini! and Puchikko Mini! figures from Penguin Parade and will retail for 9,429 yen (about US$120). The standard edition will retail for 6,090 yen (US$78) without the figures.

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