New Yoshi's Island, Mario Party Games Offered on 3DS

posted on by Karen Ressler
Mario Party game coming this winter

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced new Mario Party and Yoshi's Island games during the live Nintendo Direct stream on Wednesday. Both new games will be released for Nintendo 3DS. In the below announcement video, details on Mario Party begin at 6:00 and details on Yoshi's Island begin at 14:00.

The new Mario Party game will feature seven game boards, each with a unique set of rules, and 81 new mini-games, some of which take advantage of the stylus feature on the 3DS. The new title will be released this winter. The last Mario Party game, Mario Party 9, shipped in Japan for Nintendo Wii last April.

The upcoming Yoshi's Island game will be the third in the series: the first Yoshi's Island game was released on Super NES in 1995, an the sequel, Yoshi's Island DS, was released in 2006. The new game will take advantage of the 3DS's unique features. Nintendo will reveal more details about the game, including a release date, at a later date. During the Nintendo Direct event in January, Iwata also revealed a Nintendo Wii U game starring Yoshi.

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