Cosplay as an Evangelion Bowling Pin in Round 1 Arcades

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Guests can borrow plush Evangelion bowling pin costumes as they bowl

The April issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Young Ace magazine reported that all 111 Round 1 bowling and amusment centers in Japan are providing Evangelion bowling pin kigurumi (character costumes) to their guests, starting this weekend. Bowlers can wear an EVA Unit-00, Unit-01, or Unit-02 bowling pin costume, depending on the location.

For years, Round 1 centers have let people borrow bowling pin costumes while they bowl. Here is the AKB48 sister idol group NMB48 starring in a Round 1 commercial in those costumes:

Round 1 is running a crossover campaign between Evangelion and Bowling Banchō, the net competition that pits bowlers from different bowling centers throughout the country against each other. The chain also offers an Evangelion version of its membership cards, Evangelion-themed decorations in its Spo-Cha sports and amusement areas, and novelty goods such as clear files, cushion magnets, mobile phone stickers, and cloth multi-purpose cases.

Round 1 opened two centers in Southern California, but those two have not offered the bowling pin costumes yet.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan]

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