Hilarious "Sexy" Unlicensed Anime-related and Video Game Costumes

posted on 2013-10-18 17:45 EDT by Bamboo Dong

In the US, you know it's approaching October when Halloween stores mysteriously start popping up on every street corner. Inside, they're stuffed wall-to-wall with every cheap Halloween-themed knick-knack you could possibly imagine, and racks of flimsy costumes.

And then you turn the corner to the "sexy" costumes. If anything exists in the real world, it can be sexified, including everyday objects, to of course, characters.

Of all the "sexy costume" retailers, party-wear retailer Yandy might be the most egregious. Year round, they sell a variety of club-ready garments, but during Halloween, they trot out items like Sexy Twizzlers and sexy French fries.

So when we clicked on "Anime Wonder Woman Costume" (their name, not ours), it led us down a rabbit hole of other costumes.

So here's some of the "sexy" anime-related (or video game-related, or otherwise nerd culture-related) costumes you can find this fall, along with the hilarious knock-off names that accompany them.

"Brown Domo Costume"

"White Kitty Cuddle Plush Set"

"Green Adventurer Costume"

"Sexy Red Plumber Costume"

"Green Jumping Plumber Costume"

"Red Playful Plumber Costume"

"Peachy Princess Costume"

See also Adult Pink Princess Costume and Video Game Princess Costume

"Green Dino Costume"

"Pac Man Tank Dress Costume"

These aren't even semi-related to anime or video games (maybe we could make a case for video games), but the combination of sexification and knock-off name are just too funny.

"Yellow Masked Super Hero Costume"

"Sci-Fi Furry Costume"

"Rainbow Pony Costume"

And then there's the sexy (and actually licensed) costumes that manage to actually be more conservative than their original counterparts. What that says, we'll let you decide.

"Kitana Mortal Kombat Costume"

"Mileena Mortal Kombat Costume"

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