Interest to Sell Yozakura Quartet Instant Noodles

posted on by Eric Stimson
Now you too can try the ramen from the manga's Chinese restaurant

Ramen forms an integral component in the more relaxed scenes of Suzuhito Yasuda's supernatural action series Yozakura Quartet. The cute zombie girl Rin works as a delivery girl in a local Chinese restaurant, Houhouran, and series protagonist Hime can't get enough of their ramen.

"But my lady, isn't that your second helping?"

If watching the second animated incarnation of this series, Yozakura Quartet ~Hana no Uta~, has fostered an appetite for ramen, Famima has a solution — Houhouran instant ramen! Made with 100% Hokkaido flour and served with light tonkotsu seasoning, it promises to impart "the essence of Hakata ramen." (Hakata is a Kyushu city known for its tonkotsu ramen.) It sells at 1,780 yen (or about 17.85 USD) for 6 servings. is taking pre-orders until December 10.

[Via Comic Natalie; Image from Population GO]

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