Now You Too Can Be a Cyborg Like in Ghost in the Shell

posted on by Eric Stimson
Upcoming store in Shinjuku will cyberize you with paint

The second episode in the new Ghost in the Shell OAV series, Ghost in the Shell Arise, premieres this Saturday. In recognition of one of the franchise's salient themes, the transformation of human beings into cyborg versions of themselves, or "cyberization," a new store in Shinjuku will allow you to harmlessly mimic these changes via the power of body paint.

For only two days (November 29 and 30), "Gitai-ya" (which roughly translates to "Cyborg Store") will operate out of Station Square by Shinjuku Station's east exit. Makeup artist Jiro will paint either your cheek, arm, or the back of your hand to look like a cyborg's. The procedure only takes around 5 - 10 minutes. Since the store is only open for 4 hours on the 29th (4 PM - 8 PM) and 8 hours on the 30th (12 PM - 8 PM) and the makeup is applied first-come, first-serve, there is a simpler option for anyone who doesn't get a chance to be painted: a sticker. Both the sticker and makeup will be free.

[Via Anime!Anime!; Images from Twitter and Instagram]

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