Shonen Jump Sponsors Shokugeki no Soma, World Trigger MAD Contests

posted on 2013-12-08 16:00 EST by Eric Stimson
Winners get cool prizes from original creators

Weekly Shōnen Jump is sponsoring MAD contests for two of its new manga series, Shokugeki no Soma and World Trigger. (MADs are essentially the Japanese equivalent of AMVs.) Since neither has yet been animated, they must be still-image MADs. Contest participants are asked to check the official Niconico Video License Search to make sure their music choices are licensed for public use. Images must be scanned from purchased manga, self-drawn, or taken from two sites approved by Shōnen Jump. To enter, post the MADs on Niconico's still-image page, "Discovery! My Electronic Book," by January 6, 2014.

The winners of this competition get some great prizes: both will receive signed copies of the manga they honored until the final volumes are out. The winner of the Shokugeki no Soma contest will also get a scrumptious, top-grade beef meal with Yuuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki, the manga's writer and artist, respectively. The World Trigger contest winner will receive a graphics tablet signed by that manga's creator, Daisuke Ashihara, of the same type that he uses.

Shokugeki no Soma, which roughly translates to "Food Spear Soma," is a manga which premiered in Shōnen Jump in 2012 and portrays the hot-blooded struggle of the titular Soma to graduate from an elite and highly competitive culinary academy. It has raised eyebrows for combining luscious depictions of delicious food with luscious depictions of its male and female characters, so Viz has opted to release it next year outside of its digital American version of Shonen Jump. Premiering earlier this year, World Trigger tells of the struggle between teenagers and menacing extra-dimensional lifeforms called "Neighbors." It is currently running in the American version of Shonen Jump.

[Via Comic Natalie, Niconico]

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