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Comiket 85 Merchandise Guide

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

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Comiket 85 will invade Tokyo Big Sight December 29-30 with dojin circles and established merchandisers alike putting out exclusive goods. If you plan to be at the event, we've put together a detailed merchandise list organized by series and with booth information so you can make sure to get those rare items. Download the official English Comiket guide here and register for a catalog.

Click on each image for a larger version.


CyberConnect2 Booth #642

.Hack Winter Set
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Set includes booklet, rubber keychain, and two coasters

A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Dengeki Kiya Booth #311

Mikasa Fluffy Blanket
(5,500 yen or US$55)

Ace of Diamond

Pony Canyon Booth #221
Goods Sets
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Sets include a pass case, rubber strap, scarf towel, and shoes case. Each set also includes a signed bromide print while supplies last. Sets come in Sawahara, Miyuki, and Furuya

Amagami SS+

TBS Booth #235

"Sharing A Bed" Pillow Cover
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Pillow cases feature Tsukasa, Haruka, or Ai


Kenele Booth #327

Voice Clock
(7,000 yen or US$70)

All five male suitors will wake you up with their voice

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Good Smile Booth #344

iPhone 5/s Cases
(2,900 yen or US$29)

Versions include: I-401, Takao, and Haruna

Mist Emblem Pins
(800 yen or US$8)

PVC Corrosion Torpedo
(1,200 yen or US$12)

(3,000 yen or US$30)

Versions include: I-401 and Yotaroh

Onsen Booth #151

Radio CD Vol. 1
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Attack on Titan

Production I.G Booth #343

Goods Set
(5,000 yen or US$50)

Comiket exclusive includes: two tapestries, two clear files, postcard set, and a steamed bun

Original Collection Volume 2
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Production materials for episodes 04-07 and a bonus clear file

Pony Canyon Booth #221

Attack on Titan Opening "Jiyuu no Tsubasa" Deconstruction Book ~The Memories and Documents~
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Production materials, interview, and storyboards for the second opening sequence

Captain Levi Cleaning Set
(5,000 yen or US$50)

Set includes: full-color microfiber towel, Levi Team paper towel roll, large Titan sponge, cleaning corp drawstring bag, cleaning corp badge

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

Views/CranCrown Booth #522

Special Goods Set
(3,675 yen or US$37)

Set includes: a tote bag, desk calendar, and tumbler

Phone Cases
(2,625 yen or US$27)

Cases fit Samsung Galaxy 4, XperiaA, and iPhone 5/5s models

Beyond the Boundary

Kyoto Animation Booth #331

Beyond the Boundary Idol Set
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Set includes: a postcard, a short story book, and four rubber straps

Beyond the Boundary Older Brother Set
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Set includes: a postcard, a short story book, and two rubber straps

2014 Calendar
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Pony Canyon Booth #221

Beyond the Boundary "Unpleasant" Set A
(5,000 yen or US$50)

Set includes: Mirai Kuriyama, Mitsuki Nase, Sakura Inami, and Ai Shindō dancer rubber straps and microfiber towel

Beyond the Boundary "Unpleasant" Set B
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Set includes: Akihito and Hirofumi rubber pins & a bandana


Penguin Parade Booth #628

Noel Vermillion Hug Pillow
(10,000 yen or US$100)

Card Captor Sakura

CLAMP's magical girl show will have items only available at Comiket as part of Anime Style's ANIMESTYLE Archive line of books. After that, they're gone! The three books can also be purchased together for 8,000 yen (~US$80)


Card Captor Sakura: Revised Key Frames By Animation Director book
(3,500 yen or US$35)

448-page book includes interview with director Morio Asaka.

Card Captor Sakura: Animated Artworks Special Edition
(3,500 yen or US$35)

448-page book

Card Captor Sakura: Animated Character Designs
(2,000 yen or US$20)

32-page book

Card Fight! Vanguard

Bushiroad Booth #231

Toshiki Kai Narikiri Set Я
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Set includes: a special storage box, two special sleeves, a deck holder, a Toshiki Я voice keychain, Toshiki Я facepaint stickers

Chronicles of the Going Home Club

NTV Booth #243

(3,000 yen or US$30)

(1,000 yen or US$10)

Corpse Party

Onsen Booth #151

Corpse Party R+ Winter Reunion Set
(4,000 yen or US$40)

Set includes: fresh blood bath mat, a New Year's greeting card, shopping bag, Sachiko pin badges, Hokkori voice collection CD, and a Kisaragi Academy name tag.

Danganronpa The Animation

Danganronpa Hope Peaks High School Purchasing Dept. Booth #471

Aoi Asahina Sports Towel
(2,625 yen or US$27)

Kyōko Kirigiri Large Towel
(5,040 yen or US$50)

Diabolik Lovers

Frontier Works Booth #121

Scarf Towel
(2,625 yen or US$27)

Staff T-shirt
(3,150 yen or US$32)

Can Badge Set
(525 yen or US$6)

The Eccentric Family

P.A. Works Booth #334

Toshiyuki Inoue's Original Collection Three Volume Set
(9,000 yen yen or US$90 OR 3,000 yen each )

Each volume is approximately 350 pages and comes with a commentary DVD. Those who arrive early can receive autographs from Inoue.

Fantasista Doll

Kenele Booth #327

Hugging Pillows
(5,500 yen or US$55)

Character pillow covers include: Uzume, Sasara, Madeleine, Katia, Shimeji, and Akari

(3,000 yen or US$30)

Fate/stay night

TYPEMOON Booth #441

Fate/Apocrypha Vol. 3
(1,500 yen or US$15)

Includes "Kamikaze Magical Girl Jeanne" rubber strap and three stickers

2014 Calendar
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Includes images from multiple Type-Moon properties. Bundles "Ultimate Satsuki" rubber trap and three stickers.

Fate/Extra CCC: Lunatic Station 2013 Drama CD
(4,000 yen or US$40)

Bundles "Idol Emperor Red Saber and CCC48 Red Lancer" rubber straps and three stickers.

ufotable Booth #222

Fate/Zero Cafe Anime Staff Commemorative Book
(2,000 yen or US$20)

Also includes a rubber strap

Gift Booth #533

Fate/stay night Bookmarks
(500 yen or US$5)

Fate/stay night Tapestries
(3,000 yen or US$30)

Fate/stay night Mousepads
(500 yen or US$5)

Plusone Booth #627

Fate/Extra CCC AR Tapestries
(7,000 yen or US$70)

Plusone will have Saber and Caster tapestries that talk. You use your phone to download the app starting on December 20. After loading it up, if you have your phone face the tapestry, the voice actresses for the respective characters will talk in response.

Fate/Apocrypha Tapestry
(4,000 yen or US$40)

Keep checking back as we add more articles before the big weekend!

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