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Hello Kitty Robot's Origins Revealed in Anime Video

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge
4-inch-tall die-cast Chōgokin figure with shooting fists goes on sale in June

"Chōgōkin Hello Kitty," the die-cast metal robot Bandai created to celebrate the mutual 40th anniversaries of the "Chōgōkin" figure line and Hello Kitty, got a four-minute tie-in animation. The animated short premiered at the Tamashii Nation 2013 event in November.

Here's a transcript of the animation:

    Narrator: This is London, England. Kitty is on a walk again today. Oh my, that's a Chōgōkin Mazinger Z.
    Ah, watch out! Aww... You might not be able to get it out anymore.
    Text: Fairy
    Narrator: It was then when a fairy appeared from the spring. "Was the Chōgōkin Mazinger Z you dropped silver? Or gold?" Kitty replied, "A normal one!"
    "Those who are honest should receive this," said the fairy, and when he looked up into the sky, something appeared. Could this be... Chōgōkin Hello Kitty!?
    After the fairy asked Kitty, "You know where you need to go, yes?" ...Armor Kitty, go! Is salām 'alaykum. Namaste. Oh, you'll fall in the sea!
    Marine Kitty, go! She cuts right through the water. What's that suspicious shadow?
    Aerial Kitty, go! The suspicious shadow was... Oh my, it was Black Cat! Ah, watch out! Time for angry mode! Here we go! Rocket punch! This is going to hurt if it hits! Boing! Huh? Black Cat ran away...
    Just a little bit more till our destination...
    Text: Akihabara
    Narrator: Everyone comes to welcome Kitty in Akihabara! Isn't that great, Kitty?

The 105-millimeter-tall (about 4-inch-tall) Chōgōkin Robot is a spitting image of Hello Kitty, and it comes with a tiny 23-millimeter (0.9-inch) Hello Kitty pilot mini-figure.

It even transforms … sort of …

This is its Underwater Mode (you put its ribbon on its feet as flipper fins)

This is its Flight Mode (you put its ribbon on its back as wings)

This is its Walking Mode (you bend its feet, and it scoots along on leg wheels)

With a press of a button, the eyes change for different expressions

Normal Mode

Angry Mode

The toy will go on sale in June for 4,400 yen (about US$45).

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