Lotteria's Attack on Titan Burger Towers Above the Rest

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The Asian fast-food chain Lotteria is teaming up with Attack on Titan to produce what may be the tallest anime tie-in burger ever. Scheduled to begin sale on March 6, the Attack on Titan version of Lotteria's Tower Cheeseburger will come in three sizes: five meat patties, seven meat patties, or a whopping 10 meat patties. The largest version ("10-Meter Class Attack on Titan Supplemental Set") will get its own "wall" sleeve showing the Colossal Titan's face for 2,000 yen (about US$20).

The burgers will come with a keyring and food item vouchers featuring Mikasa (3D Maneuver Gear keyring with Shrimp Burger voucher) or Eren (Blade keyring with Cheeseburger voucher).

Attack on Titan food tie-ins are becoming increasingly popular with the series' success. Titans have been spotted eating bento at Hokka Hokka Tei, Cup Noodle at LAWSON's, and getting tipsy on plum wine.

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