Anime Does April Fool's Day - Part 2

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More April Fool's Day jokes.

It's April Fool's Day, which means that plenty of anime and game companies are having a good chuckle with fake announcements, quirky crossovers, and more. Here's Part 2 of our round-up.

Akadot Retail

Anime Expo


Audi is entering the sushi game with their long-awaited "Quattro." [Via Link]

Bandai Namco Games/Super Robot Wars Z


Bandai Namco Games announced "Super Robot Wars Z III Time of Hell" will star robot Hello Kitty.


The BioWare store added a Garrus Vakarian body pillow. [Via Link]

Black Bullet


The official website changed into a magical girl show, "Tengu Girls" to premiere in the year 2031.


A fighting game starring some of the best outcasts from Blizzard's lineup, complete with trailer. [Link]

Brothers Conflict


The romance series will get a fighting game pitting brother against brother.

Buddy Complex


The main website was "taken over" by Fuji TV's children's programming characters Gachapin and Mook.


Capcom announced a "4/1" scale model "Version Ke" model of Megaman with a whopping price of 4.1 million Zenny. The model requires special modeling kit nippers to penetrate Titanium-X. Basic welding and electrical skills are required.

Chaika the Coffin Princess


The website announced a live-action adaptation.

Cinnamaroll (Sanrio)


Sanrio's Cinnamaroll mascot revealed his real name "Monjiro Shinagawa."

Dog and Scissors


The "Neko to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō" (Cat & Scissors) anime will premiere in July.

Dragonar Academy


The website was taken over by tentacles.

The Garden of Sinners


Ufotable will open a Garden of Sinners cafe, the "Kubikiri Bunny Kissa" (The Beheading Bunny Cafe) with store manager Shiki Ryōgi.



Snack company Glico posted the secret to how Pocky was made long ago, and their newest flavor: curry rice.

GMO Toku Toku BB

Service provider GMOとくとくBB's take on Kancolle just... isn't as cute. Here's a video of the new game, Sujicolle (Muscle Collection):


The [email protected]


Namco Bandai Games announced the "[email protected]" game that puts players in charge of teddybears.

Is the Order a Rabbit?


The main website changed its cover image transformed the characters into real rabbits.

Kamigami no Asobi ~Ludere deorum~


The dating simulation game will get a traditional-style RPG adaptation.



The website promoted an exclusive shirt with a crude drawing of Sgt. Keroro drawn by voice actor Jouji Nakata.

Kuroko's Basketball


The official website changed its cover image to all the main characters as chickens.

Lab Zero Games (Skullgirls)

Lab Zero Games has released a "new" character, Fukua, a variant of Filia. The trailer spoofs Capcom's lackluster character announcement for Ultra Street Fighter IV's Decapre. The character is available to download on PC, and if the community votes to keep her, the company will make her a permanent character for consoles also. The character is a free download.

League of Legends


Mighty No. 9

Monster Hunter Frontier G


The game announced a one-day quest: picking flowers.

NetMile x Wonder Graphics

Bridge the communication gap between you and your adolescent with this new app, the very first automatic Chunibyo slang translator. (Love, Chuniboy & Other Delusions) (App trailer) [Link]

Nippon Ichi Software

Hayarigami gets a cute makeover. [Link]



PlayStation revealed that its "harvest" by employees has reached its peak.

Project H


Sega announced its own next generation headset, the MEGAne drive (Megane is pun on the Japanese word for glasses). If you look closely, you can see they resemble miniature Sega consoles. [Link]

Sentai Filmworks

Sentai announced that they licensed "The One Show You've Always Wanted." [Link]



Sony announced its "Power Food" product for electronics and humans.

Space Dandy


The anime will collaborate with Maxwell brand cassette tapes.

Square Enix (Final Fantasy XIV)

The Final Fantasy XIV developer's blog announced that they would be adding dating sim elements to the game with a new "favour" system. [Link]

Tecmo Koei

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z... with cats! [Link]



The gaming company opened the "Type-Moon Channel" with a bunch of parody videos.



WayForward announced its own headset, that turns HD graphics into lower-resolution and genderswaps any hero.

World of Tanks

A browser game with playable levels. And crayfish. [Link]

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