Readers Rank the Best Manga To Read To Kids

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In honor of Children's Day, which takes place on May 5, online book retailer eBookJapan conducted a poll for the best manga to read to children. First place was Eiichiro Oda's One Piece, followed by Fujiko F. Fujio's classic Doraemon, and Hiromu Arakawa's Silver Spoon.

Here's the Top 10:

  1. One Piece - Eiichiro Oda
  2. Doraemon - Fujiko F. Fujio
  3. Silver Spoon - Hiromu Arakawa
  4. Dragon Ball - Akira Toriyama
  5. Phoenix - Osamu Tezuka
  6. Barefoot Gen - Keiji Nakazawa
  7. Space Brothers - Chuya Koyama
  8. Slam Dunk - Takehiko Inoue
  9. Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto
  10. Chihayafuru - Yuki Suetsugu

Amongst the reasons that voters gave for selecting One Piece were that it was "full of adventure" and that it "showed the importance of compassion and helping each other out."

eBookJapan members were surveyed at random, between April 4 and April 10. 502 responses were obtained.

[Via Yaraon via Yahoo! Japan]

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