Anime Mirai Mascot Really Does Get Her Own Airliner

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Culture Japan and Asian Air collaborate to bring Mirai airlines to the realm of reality.

Two years ago, Danny Choo posted an April Fools joke about his company's mascot Mirai getting her own airlines. Earlier this year, he made another April 1st announcement about the airline... only that this, time, it wasn't a joke.

Culture Japan, Danny Choo's personal company, is working alongside Thailand based airlines Asian Air to bring you this new moe-fied sky cruiser. The plane itself, which will stretch about 176 feet long, will have Mirai and all of her closest compatriots in chibi form featured on the side of the airplane. The designs themselves were done by Ikkyu-sensei, also known for his work on Culture Japan's popular moekana cards.

However, the project is going to be much more than just a plane with the company's mascots plastered onto the side of a jet. Designs for Mirai in the Asian Air flight attendant uniform have already been drafted. The designs will be used in inflight videos and entertainment which will feature the lovable Mirai and her companions. The inflight shop will also feature numerous goods from Culture Japan based off of the characters.

The plane is set to begin service this June with flights to and from Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo. For more information on how this astounding collaboration came to be, as well as a look at some of the other things that Culture Japan has in store, check out their official website.

As of May 2, Choo has said that they are working on the "first moe inflight safety video."

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