Patlabor Reminds Cyclists to Mind Traffic Rules

posted on by Eric Stimson
Japanese police help promote upcoming movie series

Patlabor the Mobile Police has always been about huge mecha incongruously mingling with ordinary citizens in mundane situations, so what better way to convey that aesthetic than a Labor (the series' mecha) pedaling a bicycle? That's the subject of the new poster for Japan's National Police Agency, which is using the mech to remind cyclists to follow road rules.

"The Special Vehicles Unit Second Section has an announcement: Bicycles as well as 'vehicles' must follow traffic rules."

The new Patlabor film series, The Next Generation - Patlabor -, premiered on April 5 and will eventually comprise seven short films and a feature-length film to be released during Golden Week (late April/early May) 2015. The second film in the series premieres on May 31 in the Shinjuku Piccadilly in Tokyo. A life-size Labor model has already been erected by Kichijōji Station to herald the films' arrival.

[Via Comic Natalie]

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