Idol Group AeLL Offers Dates to Anyone that Bought 100 Copies of Their New Album

posted on by Chris Nishijima
Other quality time activities available for those who bought 30 or 50 copies of the album.

Gravure idol Ai Shinozaki, singer in the popular idol group AeLL, appeared on MBS Radio's talk show "Appare Yattemasu." While she was there to be interviewed about the release of their latest album, 4/4 Yon Bun no Yon, Shinozaki had a very exciting announcement to make regarding those who supported the group by purchasing copies of the album.

According to Shinozaki, the group would be offering special dates to their most dedicated fans. Individuals who purchased 30 copies of the new album could look forward to trying the home-cooking of one of the four idol group members. Those who bought 50 copies of the album would be invited to sing their hearts out at an hour-long karaoke session with one of the girls. Finally, those who bought 100 copies of the album would be able to go on a date, under manager supervision with one of the members of AeLL.

In all, there were a total of 9 fans who admired the group enough to be deemed faithful enough to take one of the girls out on a date. Of course, we should mention that after tax, the price of a single copy of the album comes out to around 2,800 yen (27.56 USD), meaning that anybody devoted enough to get the grand prize would have spent 280,000 yen (a whopping 2756.04 USD) on what may be the most expensive date of their lives. Each of the fans who earned the opportunity were reported as being as pleased as could be.

This year might be characterized as the year of idol devotion, as evidenced by this display of dedication to idol culture. For anyone who wishes to show AeLL some more love, the album is still available on Amazon.

[Via: Livedoor News and Hachima Kikou.]

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