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Favorite songs, song elements surveyed

Kagerou Project is a franchise spanning the music, literature, manga and anime spheres that tells the story of a group of people with magical abilities in their eyes. A sprawling, complex series, it can be a little hard to understand, so the Japanese pop culture site Kai-You conducted a survey to unravel what draws fans to the series. It focuses on the songs, which are the original incarnation of the franchise. 2,105 fans responded.

  • What is the first Kagerou Project song you heard?
  • "Kagerou Days" dominated the answers with 1,148 votes, even though it's the third song in the series. Each other song had roughly equivalent responses. The second place spot went to "Souzou/Kuuzou Forest" (120 votes), while "Mekakushi Code" came in third place (103 votes).

  • What do you like most about Kagerou Project songs?
  • Melody (702 votes) and music videos (685 votes) were fairly close. 453 respondents chose lyrics. The remaining bar shows "other" responses.

    Additionally, respondents commented that "characters' individual feelings appear in the songs," "Kagerou Project songs are all connected into one story," and "you can interpret the lyrics your own way," further elaborating on the series' appeal.

  • Choose your three favorite Kagerou Project songs.
  • 1. "daze" (853 votes, 13.51%)
    2. "Lost Time Memory" (759 votes, 12.02%)
    3. "Summer Time Record" (641 votes, 10.15%)
    4. "Yobanashi Deceive" (596 votes, 9.44%)
    5. "Outer Science" (457 votes, 7.24%)
    6. "Children Record" (347 votes, 5.49%)
    7. "Yuukei Yesterday" (328 votes, 5.19%)
    8. "Shounen Brave" (278 votes, 4.4%)
    9. "Ayano-no Koufuku Riron" (228 votes, 3.61%)
    10. "Kagerou Days" (206 votes, 3.26%)

    "daze" claimed the top spot for this question, even though it's a brand-new song (it was released on June 18). It distinguishes itself from its peers by being sung by an actual singer, MARiA of the group GARNiDELiA.

  • Choose the song you'd like to see Jin perform live.
  • Again, "daze" took the top spot with 770 votes. Far behind it in second place was "Summer Time Record" (191 votes), while "Lost Time Memory" occupies the #3 position (186 votes).

  • What vocal artist would you like to collaborate with Jin?
  • This was a free response question, so answers were all over the place. Kai-You chose to spotlight Nagi Yanagi, supercell, 96neko, Fukase of Sekai no Owari, perfume, Dragon Ash, Kashitarō Itō, Soraru, Konomi Suzuki, Hyadain, Sachiko Kobayashi, the voice actors from the anime, May'n, Nana Mizuki and Jin himself.

  • Which media would you like Kagerou Project to spread to next?
  • It seems that video games are the logical next step for Kagerou Project, as 1,319 respondents voted for it. The second spot goes to audio drama (406 votes), while 290 people voted for "other" media. (The green bar represents musicals.) Kai-You notes that line stamps were especially popular among the "other" votes.

A special voice actor event, Make a Mekakucity, will be held on August 14 and 15 in Tokyo's Shibuya Public Hall. Jin, LiSA, Kohta Matsuyama of BYEE the ROUND, Aki Okui, MARiA and Lia will be present. Tickets go on sale on July 26, although advance sales are available to customers of Mekakucity Actors DVDs.

[Via Kai-You]

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